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New Domestic Installations
We are known for our quality when it comes to new or renovated plumbing installations. From low cost housing to up market installations, we strive to offer our clients the best service we can give. We also assist in the design and planning of plumbing projects and also source the right sanitary ware and taps for our clients. We arrange for consultants to help our clients choose the right finishes for there bathrooms, kitchens, sculleries or laundries.
Leak location
We offer an electronic leak location service for clients and insurance companies, that need to locate a leak or burst in a pipe. This works by means of a sophisticated electronic listening device, that is held against surfaces like bathroom walls or floors, and with a set of earphones, enables the operator to listen for the sound, that is usually made by the water that is forced through the burst pipe or leaking fitting under pressure. This sound is called leak noise, the louder the leak noise, the closer the leak location device is to the leak. This device is normally very accurate, especially in domestic applications. Unfortunately it’s accuracy cannot be guaranteed, as there are various factors that influence the accuracy, such as pipe depth, the type of piping used (metal or plastic) or wall/floor density. We also use a domestic metal pipe locator, in conjunction with the leak detection device, to determine where the pipe is. This locator can locate a pipe in a wall/floor to a maximum depth of 50mm. We charge a fixed rate for this service, for the first hour on site, there after per half hour. This rate however excludes our transport, which is charged according to AA rates.
We have experienced technicians, which are able to assist with any domestic maintenance issues you might encounter. For any other problems, our senior technicians will be more than happy to assist.
Solar water heating
We have been installing various forms of solar water heating units for the past twelve years. We have specific solar installation teams that have gone through an accredited training program and are also registered accordingly with the PIRB. They have also received product specific training, which means that they have been trained by specific manufacturers, to ensure that the specific warranty is upheld. We are also Eskom accredited installers, which enables us to install Eskom accredited solar water heating units and assisting the client to receive the current rebate or subsidy offered by Eskom.
Insurance Claims
We are accredited with all the major South African insurance companies, to handle there plumbing related claims. Whether it is a burst geyser, burst pipe or damaged or cracked sanitary ware, blocked drain or waste pipe, leaking bath or shower trap, we will assist you to the best of our ability. Please bear in mind that certain insurers vary there cover from others and it is our duty to comply with there rules and regulations. An example of this is with burst geyser claims. The insurers insist on the collection of the burst geyser from our premises. These burst geysers are then pressure tested by a company that in turn supplies the insurer with valuable feedback relating to the cause of failure, confirmation of failure etc. This process also assists the insurers that all burst geysers are kept out of the market, to minimize the chances of fraudulent claims.
Payment options
We offer various payment options, whether it is cash, EFT or even Debit or credit card payments. Our teams carry an electronic mobile card swipe machine that authorizes transactions in the comfort of your home or office. This is a secure means of payment and enables clients to place payments on their straight or budget accounts. We also offer a 30 day payment plan, this however is only offered to clients that have completed a credit application and have been approved.
Recourse or unresolved issues
All our technicians are registered with the PIRB, Plumbing Industry Registration Board, which ensures that any problems a client might encounter with a specific technician, can be resolved through this board, as they can cancel a members registration, which without, the technician will not be able to work, specifically for the insurance companies. We are also insured against faulty workmanship and have sufficient public liability insurance to cover against lives mishaps.
All our work is guaranteed for three months, against faulty workmanship. All our material carry a separate manufacturers warranty that is upheld by them and there service teams. We do however try to assist the client with any warranty claims.
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